This portfolio encompasses three core Human Resource Services as detailed below.

First, Recruitment Services, which are offered in three ways:
a) Akilimali develops and maintains a data base of job applicants and sending their CV’s to prospective employers after conducting preliminary interviews. Prospective employers will make job descriptions including profile and pay package available to Akilimali. These will assist in conducting the initial interviews.
b) Providing full recruitment service. This will cover drafting and posting job adverts, interviewing and short listing candidates and sending 2 – 4 prospective candidates to employers and sitting in their last interviews/selection interviews; and conducting reference checks.
c) Organizing job fair, providing executive search, and undertaking career guidance and counseling.

Second, Labor Advisory Services, which covers the following:

  • Representing clients in CMA (Commission for Mediation and Arbitration)
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  • Writing disciplinary and grievance Procedure
  • Work/Residence Permit Processing
  • Labor Advisory Retainer

Finally, regular Human Resource Services, for and on behalf of the client, including:

  • Employee Orientation Program
  • Conducting Job Analysis and Writing Job Descriptions
  • Preparing Contract of Employment
  • Preparing and reviewing Human Resource Policy
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Performance Management Implementation