Akilimali promotes idea of working smart. We work with both internal and external experts by leveraging our strong network of leading experts and reliable Associates. We also provide hands-on learn by doing capacity building opportunity to fresh graduates through our internship programme (including foreign and local volunteers). These resource people are supported by a lean management team composing of CEO, Operations Manager, and Administrative Secretary. The technical team (most short term contractors) includes (cascaded further as company grows):

i. Training Manager/Officers/Assistants
ii. Research Manager/Officers/Assistants
iii. Legal consultants/officers/Assistants
iv. Business Development officers/Assistants

Furthermore, the company maintains a number of core Partners and investors, for their advice and continued support.

Akilimali is governed by a 5 person Advisory Board, constituted of Chairman, and one representative of Partners/investors, beneficiary (normally a business association), eminent persons, and CEO.
As part of its growth strategy, Akilimali sought membership in various national and international accredited associations, and entered into MoU for collaborations with a number of renowned service providers.
The main driver of Akilimali is three folds: Quality at the expense of quantity, Viable and practical solutions, and delivery of tangible results with impact. This will be achieved by taping synergies, leveraging our capabilities, competencies and networks; and most of all, by working with you! Below are contact details for you to access our Products/Services.