Business Development Services (BDS) are services that improve the performance of the enterprise, its access to markets, and its ability to compete. Akilimali Business support provides market oriented Business Development Services (BDS) that combines advice and coaching to maximize growth.

Support to the firm can be in the form of:
a) Direct operational support (Hand holding) for short term assistance: help with business plan, loan application, marketing or international trade.
b) Mentoring and coaching, whereby Akilimali solicits and facilitates attachment opportunity for a firm to learn by doing from a successful firm.
c) Advisory and training, whereby Akilimali:

  • Provide a training courses or undertake a studies for feasibility/market analysis or business plan.
  • Advocate and advises the public sector on the formulation of policies and strategies that are business friendly to SMEs (including improvement of regulations).
  • Collate and disseminate information.

Typical areas of focus for business development services include (depending on availability):

For Individual business:

  • Market access
  • Infrastructure development
  • Policy advocacy
  • Accounting, financing and legal advice
  • Supply chain management
  • Training
  • Technology and product development
  • Business incubation Channels & providers
  • Governmental agencies
  • Commercial service providers
  • Independent consultants
  • Business associations – Chambers of commerce.

For Public organizations and associations:

  • Advising the public sector on the formulation of policies and strategies – Lobbying for the improvement of regulations such as property rights – Pressuring the public sector for addressing critical infrastructure
  • Market complementing activities – Sharing best practices in management and specific technologies – Ensuring that members adhere to quality standards – Providing market information and related promotional activities – Conducting training and meetings for skill and capacity development – Providing guidance for access to finance – Establishing recognized and accredited qualifications
  • Associational activities – Providing a mechanism for dialogue with policymakers – Enhancing technology transfer through inter-firm cooperation – Organizing seminars, exhibitions, trade fairs and missions – Serving as the communications channel for the private sector.